AMCH Cairngold Captain Jack

picture is as veteran

GBCH Avenelhouse Breasclete

GBCH Uniquecottage Bristle Brid

GBCH Uniquecottage Brer Fox

Uniquecottage Tergoimoo

Avenelhouse Morsegale

Uniquecottage Captain Russ

Avenelouse Heather Mixture

Cairngold Constellation

Spirecairn Solar System

Heshe Buddies Dan Dooley

Cairngold Catch On

Coalacre Milligan Of Cairngold

CH Thestrup's more Talk Of The Town

American/Mexican Champion

Tweedisle Kings Knight

GBCH Bauedesert Royal Viking

Tweedisle Smitten Byebanks

DNCH Larchlea Take My Breath Away

GBCH Larchlea Take A Chance On Me

GBCH Larchlea Winner Takes All

DNIRCH Cairndy Lucia Lorito

Hage Giffen


DNCH Cairndy Qiwi

Cairndy Zloty