AMCH Cairnhoe Highlander Of Wolfpit

AMCH Robinson Crusoe Quite Macho

CH Cairnhoe Celtic Charm Of Wolfpit

CH Caledonian Tea and Crumpets of Wolfpit

GCH Caledonian In-for-a-penny of wolfpit

CH Caledonian Tea Cake of Wolfpit

CH Caledonian Butter Brickle of Wolfpit

Ch Caledonian Constant Comment of Wolfpit

Ch Cale Hill’s Carl

CH Caledonian Tea Cake of Wolfpit

Ch Dutch Taffy of Wolfpit

GCH Maverston Double Dutch

CH Penny Candy of Wolfpit

GCH Caledonian Hjour Brewmaster of Wolfpit

GCH Caledonian Tea Time of Wolfpit

GCH Hjohoo's Let Me Love Hjo

Ch Caledonian My Cup of Tea of Wolfpit

CH Caledonian Pennypincher of Wolfpit

CH Caledonian Tea Cake of Wolfpit

GCH Yellowbrickroad Wring of Fire

Three time best in show


Best of Breed Winner: national specialty (Montgomery), Crufts, world show, other specialty wins

Rose Croft Hula Step O'McPang