Please check my available page - upcoming July  litter in Hawaii  and puppies available in Washington state. 

GCH Highland dandelion tea of Wolfpit “ Dandy” RbIS at orchid isle dog fancier club Oct 2023 Thank you judges! Group : Margaret Jones RBIS: Terril S Udenberg

Gch Nakoa Hazelburn owned by Carole Furuya Kwock ( photo by Carole)

ALOHA from the Big Island of Hawaii and welcome to Nakoa Cairns!

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About Us:  located  on the island of Hawaii. Our dogs compete in the Conformation (Dog Show) ring, Obedience, Rally, Agility, and Earth Dog and have had success in all these venues. I am an active member of our breed's national club - Cairn Terrier Club of America, and the local Hawaii dog clubs - Orchid Island Dog Fanciers Club, Hilo Obedience Training Club, and Orchid Isle Dog Agility Club.  I have had cairn terriers since 1987.

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About Cairns: Famous as "Toto" in the Wizard of Oz movie, the cairn terrier is a scruffy, small dog with lots of attitude and a zest for life.  A typical cairn is happy, confident, sturdy and is an excellent family dog. They love to play well into old age and are often long lived.  When properly groomed they shed very little. They are not the most obedient dogs yet are very trainable with rewards  -  they  love to learn tricks and are very smart and  enjoy showing off their skills. They are a nice portable size and adaptable to many environments.  An independent breed, some are lap dogs and others are not, but all love to be part of the family.


Talented Molly

Ch Nakoa Hinahina's Molly Mack BN CD RE OAP NJP NFP
Winner, CTCA Silver Versatility, 2015

GCH Nakoa Tropical Scotch BN CD RE NAJ OAP NFP, Winner of the CTCA Sliver Versatility Award, 2014 and CTCA Gold Versatility Award, 2015. Multiple terrier group wins and first award of merit at the CTSC Specialty, Great Western Terrier cluster, 2009.

Multi BIS GCh Yellowbrickroad Wring of Fire